Up to you


Dear Hillary,

I am sure you will have heard this before, and when I ask around the guys at the pub, they all have the same problem, but it’s when the wife, ladyfriend or whatever just clams up and does the no-speaking bit, for no known (expletive deleted) reason.  Ask what’s wrong and you get the “Nothing” reply (if you even get a reply).  Ask if there’s something they would like to do, eat, movie or whatever and get an “Up to you”.  It’s not up to me.  I asked what she wanted to (expletive deleted) do and get the stupid “Up to you” nonsense.  OK Hillary, it is now “Up to you” to tell us just what we are supposed to do, before I punch my way through the door.


Dear Ged,

Have you tried anger management at all, Petal.  You certainly do have some pent-up aggression, don’t you?  Some ‘Jai Yen Yen’ (cool heart) needed here I think.  This is not something new.  Nobody said us women have to be in a good mood all the time.  Just putting up with some of the male characteristics is enough to make any woman snap.  So when she says “Up to you” just accept it at face value and make the decision yourself, and don’t worry if she doesn’t agree with it.  She set the ground rules, so don’t fret.  It will be different next week anyway.  (MCP)