Unable to see at the glasses shop


Dear Hillary,

I invited one of the girls from the glasses shop in the shopping center to the movies and she said OK and would meet me there last Saturday after she had finished work.  I thought everything was understood and I got there early and all, but she didn’t turn up!  I know Thai girls don’t understand time, so I didn’t get angry, I just waited for an hour, but she was a definite no-show.  I went back to the shop on the Sunday, but it was her day off, so I went back Monday and she just said, “Sorry, I forget.”  Was that it?  Do I try again, or will it be another slap in the face with a wet fish?  What’s your opinion, Hillary?


Dear James,

You must be blinded by this girl’s beauty, as you certainly have not picked up on the message she was giving you, Petal.  She was trying not to disappoint you by refusing your invitation, which is what Thai people do in these situations, so it seems as if they have accepted.  OK, this does mean telling some white lies if the other party tries again, such as “Sorry, I forget,” or “Mother sick so I stay at home.”  Should you try again?  I don’t think so, James, unless you are really into wet fish.