Two tickets to the front stalls


Dear Hillary,

I’ve been on my own for a while.  I came over here after my wife left me in the UK.  I’m no spring chicken, but the girls here didn’t seem to mind and seemed happy to just sit and chat, and I didn’t mind buying them some drinks as well.  Problem is I’m getting lonely at home on my own, but I don’t want one of the girls from the bar I drink at thinking she can come to stay.  Honestly I don’t have any need for sex at my age, but I do miss some company.  Can you take one of the girls out to watch a movie or something and then take them back to the bar?  I could have asked there, but I am a little too shy, I suppose.


Dear George,

In the area you are in, the bars, you are in the CBD (Central Bar District) and you are wondering just what is for sale or otherwise?  Come on George, everything is for sale.  Just tell the mamasan what you want and she will arrange a girl for you and tell you what it will cost.  Yes, this is a financial arrangement we are talking about here, though she may enjoy the movies too.  Especially if it is a Thai movie, complete with ghosts and lots of screaming.  Hope you enjoy it.

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