Time for a cab?


Dear Hillary,

I like my social drinks (mainly beer, though sometimes spirits and don’t take too much as I am wary of the cops and their blitz on drinking). My girlfriend doesn’t drink, so when we go out, I always know that she can drive us home. That’s the plan anyway, but when I think I’m over the limit and ask her to drive, she refuses, saying she doesn’t have a license and has never told me! I see her drive her motorcycle, so she can drive. I told her to get a license but she says OK and then does nothing. What’s the next step?


Dear Grant,

It’s all too obvious, my Petal. You teach her to drive and when she’s good enough take her to the licensing place. Then if she won’t drive you home it’s time for a new girlfriend who has a driving license. Or even better, catch a taxi cab.