Always hankered after a Bucciali?

Bucciali TAV.
Bucciali TAV.

The Bucciali TAV (Traction Avant) was an incredible motor car built around 1930, designed and built by two French brothers Angelo and Albert Bucciali. With an underslung chassis at the front, it also had independent suspension, front and rear.

Several engines were tried, as well as several coachbuilders, but the best was by Saoutchik with a V12 engine. The cars had a stork emblem which stemmed from Albert’s time in a French Air Force flying a Spad which had the stork insignia.

The early 1930’s was also not the most auspicious time to be launching new and expensive motor cars. It is not known if any TAV’s survived, and the one in the photo is a recreation.

However, a very talented Dutchman has built one from scratch, and the website shows the detail.