Thoughts on returning to Thailand


Dear Hillary

I came back (not to Brylcream, some of your older readers might remember that old advert), I came back to Thailand and I am so happy to be back.

I was in England for eight months getting one new heart valve put in and another repaired, the trouble all resulted from that accident I had the January before last which took all my savings!

Anyway back to the reason for writing, after being away from England for 42 years I was still able to get free treatment and medication from the good old National Health Service, so just to let any UK Ex-Pats know if they are short of funds for any medical problems they can, as long as they have the air fare and accommodation in the UK, get the same treatment I got (that’s free treatment).

Oh, one last thing Hillary, on the BBC overseas network I get on my TV here there is an advert about every 15 minutes for “Amazing Thailand” and its “Miracle Year” I was wondering what the miracle was when I noticed a lot more motorcycle riders wearing helmets, so I guessed that was what the miracle was!  But I have since found out that the fine for not wearing a helmet has now doubled and is 400 baht. So bang goes my theory about the miracle Hillary.  So I thought I would ask you what this miracle might be?  Great to write to you again Hillary, all the very best to you and all at the Mail.


Welcome back Delboy,

I wondered where you had been, it was so quiet from up north, and we at the Mail are all glad that your operation was a success.  And such a bargain too!  But as you say, this is only for British ex-pats, so the nationals here can’t avail themselves of this bargain basement surgery.  Did they remove your appendix at the same time while they were “in there”?  Would save another air fare.

Now the, the “Miracle Year” – unfortunately, the Tourism Authority of Thailand did not ask me before they splashed out on ads on the British telly, so I’m only guessing here, my Petal.  It might be the fact that nobody has been run over on the pedestrian crossings this week (the ones with traffic lights to be ignored), or it might have been that there were no police checks on the highway last Wednesday, or even that all the taxi motorcycles had registration and insurance.