They’re not all bad


Dear Hillary,

You get so many letters written by guys complaining about their Thai wives/girlfriends, that I wonder why these men come here in the first place.  Why do they think that things are different here compared to their own home countries.  A relationship has to have some foundation, not just one night after several bottles of beer.  No wonder these people have problems, the relationship is built on a financial foundation, and if there’s a hiccup one day, it all turns to dross and complaints about being ripped off.  They probably deserve all they get, but surely they would start to learn something?

Will the Watcher

Dear Will the Watcher,

You are perfectly correct, Petal.  Any relationship which has a chance of surviving must be built on a strong foundation, and it is very rare that “You pay bar for me,” is the way to start a firm relationship.  A relationship, certainly, but not one built on mutual respect.  Mutual distrust is more like it.

You say, “Surely they would start to learn something,” but you are missing a point here – they do learn and move on, but along comes a new batch of bachelors ready for the plucking, and the ladies of the beer bars are ready and waiting.  Then this new lot write to me, complaining about being used, ripped off, etc.  Same old, same old, you know what I mean.