They have made new pedestrian crossings all through Pattaya


Dear Hillary,

They have made new pedestrian crossings all through Pattaya, complete with warning traffic lights for both the walkers and the drivers.  Some of these are around 20 meters apart.  With the lights so close to each other it will be chaos when they come into operation, especially in the high season when there are lots of visitors who are used to being the important person at traffic lights.  Since the motorists play ‘last across’ at normal traffic lights, how long will it be before a pedestrian gets knocked down?



Dear Tom,

What a Prophet of Doom you are!  But you are asking the wrong person, Tom.  I’m not a traffic engineer, ask one of those.  However, I don’t think there is really too much to worry about.  Going by past experience they won’t last long enough to become a worry.  Remember the inner city busses and the bus stops?  Remember the strange metal trees that suddenly sprung up on the footpaths?  They will have stopped working before the high season is in full swing and by next year people will be wondering what these strange lights were all about.