My girlfriend has joined Facebook


Dear Hillary,

My girlfriend has joined Facebook and now has to reply to about 50 emails a day which means that the housework falls behind every day.  I don’t mind her having a hobby as it is good for women to have an outside interest, as it would stop her wasting her time with the girls from the bar, but enough’s enough.  How do I get her to stop this Facebook nonsense and get her priorities right?



Dear (Facebook) Frank,

Aren’t you the high and mighty one!  My Petal, I have news for you – it is not up to you what your girlfriend does, especially as it seems that you want to be given the right of deciding what is (or is not) good for her.  Millions of people all over the world enjoy their time on Facebook.  Are they all wrong?  You should also know by now that Thai women need time with their women friends, just as all you men want your time to go down to the pub with the boys and discuss male things.  You should not get confused between a “girlfriend” and a “maid”.  They are not the same thing.  I am also so pleased to see that chauvinism isn’t dead yet!