The new Beer diet


Dear Hillary,

As I am now in my early 50’s it is becoming noticeable that my tummy is getting that little bit larger.  I have tried dieting but that just makes me hungry.  Are the gymnasiums round town OK, or do I have to give up drinking as my wife suggests?  I only have six to eight pints at night.



Dear Kenny,

Or is that “Kilkenny”?  I do think I might perceive a very slight chance that you are just the teensiest bit worried that someone might suggest cutting off the pipeline to the brewery.  OK, Kenny, I’ll believe you really want to do something and here’s the answer.  Cut the pints in half, join a gym (the Fitness Centers are better at fat burning than the musclemen types of places), cut your food intake by 25 percent, cut out sugar, drink more water (without the hops) and walk everywhere in town rather than driving, riding or catching baht busses. If all this is too difficult, contact Ralph from the letter above and make an offer on the shirt!