Tent City


Dear Hillary,

I think my wife was born in a tent because she never shuts doors behind her. When we lived in America this was not really a problem, but here in Thailand it is, because we have to run the air conditioners very high to keep the house cool. I have tried to tell her that the air conditioner has to work overtime when she leaves the doors open and that means more electricity is used, so our power bills are so high, but it doesn’t seem to have got through. I cannot spend my life closing doors behind her. What should I do?


Dear Door Closing Des,

Some people do get their knickers right properly knotted, don’t they, Petal. Instead of wasting all that time and effort and worry and emotion and excess money on the electric bill there was one easy answer. Buy some automatic door closers, then she can swish in and out all day and the doors will close behind her. Now wasn’t that easy? Sometimes I worry about you people with the tunnel vision, or perhaps it is the glasses you wear.