A gift horse in the teeth


Dear Hillary,

I spend three months every year here in Pattaya. My young Thai girlfriend and I were getting along so well I decided I would help her out and buy a condominium for her, where she could stay for the rest of the year so that she did not have to live in rented accommodation any more, where I had been staying with her. When I told her I would do this and get the condo she began to ask for money for telephone calls I had made, electricity I had used and even demanded a sum for excess water I might have used in my showers. This to me seemed to show a very grasping nature so I cancelled the purchase and said goodbye. Do you think I was correct, or was I too hasty?


Dear Fergus,

You were not too hasty, my Petal, you were too slow. Gift horse and teeth springs to mind. Now if the condo’s a luxury one on the beach, I will happily look after it for you for the nine months, but please leave enough French champagne in the fridge to last.

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