Tartare for a tart?


Dear Hillary,

Being one who knows which fork to use and is conversant with good manners.  Can you clear up a problem for me?  It’s to do with fish and chips.  The better part of the farang population here would not know what a “Fish Knife” is so we leave that one alone.

It’s to do with “Tartare Sauce” served with fish.  My sainted Mam told me it should be either poured over the fish or poured on your plate and the fish is dipped in it.

This week I was at my usual 3 star eatery and I noticed a man with an English accent placing the fish on his fork and then dipping it in the minute tartare dish.  Much to the raised eyebrows of the laundry maid as more went on the table cloth then on his fish.

Come up with the right answer and I’ll send you a bottle of Mc Williams Brown Muscat and a melted Kit Kat, as I value your advice.

Aussie Bill

Dear Aussie Bill,

You are a sweet man, and how could I ever say that anyone’s mother was wrong!  However, the similar concept runs with butter and butter knives.  You don’t dip the bread in the butter, you scoop enough from the butter dish and place that on your plate.  From there, you butter your bread/bun or whatever.  And so it be with tartare sauce.  It should be served in a small gravy boat and poured either on the fish, or better, on the plate, and small amounts placed on the fish before being sent to the mouth.

The Muscat sounds nice, Petal.  The melted Kit Kat does not!