Swept off his feet


Dear Hillary,

(This was floating round the internet, so I caught it and used it again as it is very salient.) Love your column, Hillary, but it amazes me that so many farangs end up with empty wallets and broken hearts. I don’t live in Pattaya, but read you on line each week from the UK. I have no experience of the scene, but even though I only read about things there, I still can’t understand just how many guys end up this way. Why?


Dear Gerald

As you say, you’ve never been here, so you don’t know what it is like for your brothers who come here and get swept off their feet by some gorgeous 40 year old, who claims to be 26, compared to the ladies available in the UK. What would you rather have? A “Grab a Granny” night or a laughing, flirtatious gorgeous girl who goes home with you, no questions asked. But in the morning a financial arrangement is required. By then it’s too late, Petal. He’s hooked by one of the best players in the world. From there it’s downhill all the way with a roller-coaster “romance” that has him breathless and then the date for his departure comes and he cannot believe what life would be like without her. Financial arrangements once more to keep her out of the bars, waiting for him to come back in six months. But then he thinks about this a bit more and discovers that his vision of loveliness has other sources of money (known locally as ATM’s) and he must either accept the situation, or go back to another bar and find another girl, who is even better than the first one. Can you see where it’s all going now? No, you stick with a granny. Safer for you.