Stingy Swede


Dear Hillary,

I just finish with boyfriend old Sweden.  Him say he take me to Sweden but make big excuse every time.  I get visa and everything.  Pay myself, not ask him for money.  Say take me over now for one year but not take over.  I look after he when he come twice a year.  Stay in room me.  Not ask rent.  I think him stingy man.  Why farang tell lies all the time?  I not look for farang man any more.

Kulap (Rose)

Dear Kulap (Rose),

Thank you for your letter, and I am sorry you have been disappointed in this relationship.  But you must remember that not all Thai girls are like you, and not all farang men are like your old boyfriend.  In the future, it will be better if you don’t go “looking” for a boyfriend, but just wait till the right man comes along.  He is the one who makes your heart jump, and you do the same for him.  He will appear, K. Rose, but just let it happen.  Don’t go looking everywhere for where ‘your’ farang is hiding.