A chaperone for Jim


Dear Hillary,

I have found a very nice young Thai woman, and not in the bar scene, so it’s a bit different from what I’ve been used to in the last two years.  I’m not young, though not over the hill like some of the people I see round here.  I do know how to give a woman a good time, and I don’t mean sex, and look forward to taking her to some nice restaurants and shows.  We haven’t actually gone out yet, but she’s been giving me the idea that we would have to take someone with us if we do go out.  A chaperone at my age?  Should I agree to this, after all it’s 2011 not 1911.  I do want to get to know her better.


Dear Jim,

You’ve got this the wrong way round, Jim my Petal.  The chaperone is not for you, the chaperone is for her.  You are at least of mature age, by your letter, while she is “young”.  Her family wants to protect her from people such as yourself, no matter how good a time you are promising her.  You are considerably older than her and have spent the past two years in the bar scene, by your own letter.  If you want to progress with this relationship, you must not just agree for a chaperone to be present, but you should suggest it, when you do ask her out to that dinner or a show.  She will be appreciative of your gesture, and you will get that opportunity you want to get to know her better.  By the way, make sure that the restaurant also does Thai food.  She does not sound as if she is used to foreign ways, customs and cuisines.

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