St. Valentine’s blues


Dear Hillary,

Valentine’s over and done with for another 12 months, so parents don’t need to worry about little Johnny till next year.  The government doesn’t need to have policemen patrolling the streets to make sure all the under-age kids are tucked up in their (own) beds by 10 p.m.  How stupid is all that?


Dear Val,

I have seen that governments of any color have the natural ability to make idiotic decisions.  St. Valentine’s Day, to give it its correct title, is a wonderful fun event for young people (and the not so young).  In many countries, the St. Valentine’s Day card or flowers or chocolates have to be sent anonymously, leaving the recipient guessing as to who the secret admirer really is.  That would relieve the government’s fears of wholesale lechery on February 14.  I agree with you, Petal.  Total nonsense.  And that reminds me – not one of you sent me a card, chocolates or French champagne this year.  I’m devastated!