New ATM card from the US


Dear Hillary,

I found the ideal girl.  I learned to speak Thai, as you suggested.  I met the parents.  I met the grandparents.  I met the girlfriends.  I gave her 5,000 baht a month for her to spend on anything she wanted.  Everything looked good until I suggested it was time to get hitched and then it all came out.  She was married already to an American and was waiting for a visa to go there.  Not a breath about anything before.  No wonder this place gets a bad rep.


Dear Jilted,

You thought you were doing everything by the book, didn’t you Petal.  But you forgot to meet the family buffalo, which is higher up the social ladder than someone who is just another ATM, and not a very well filled ATM either.  At the wonderful sum of B. 5,000 a month, you won’t even get a maid for that.  You were played as a sucker (which you were).  You are much better off without her, well at least B. 5,000 better off each month without her!  Your ability in speaking Thai will always help you understand what is going on, but you will have to be wary in the future.  Don’t rush in where buffalos fear to tread!