ST and LT – there is a difference


Dear Hillary,

I have a relationship with a girl, from a bar, but she’s really nice. I take her out about twice a week and we’ll go to a restaurant and then a ST hotel. She won’t go with me to my condo. Just says no. She also wants to go back to the bar after a couple of hours. I pay her, because I know the bar would expect it. Really I would like to have a long term relationship with this girl, but don’t know where to go from here. What’s the next move, Hillary?



Dear Robert,

The next move is to the next bar. Your idea of the relationship and her idea of the relationship are quite different. She’s not looking for a long term, she’s looking for short term money markets. Ask her the current exchange rates for Zimbabwe dollars and she’ll know! But Bombay Rupees might be better. You are out of your league, Petal. Move on!