Soap and champagne


Dear Hillary,

I don’t know if you have time to sit down with your glass of champagne and chocolates to watch the soap movies in the evening. As I read my book and my lady friend is watching these movies I can’t help but notice how these movies give the wrong, or maybe the right impression of Thai people in the land of smiles. They are nearly always screaming at each other or slapping one another round the face and very vindictive. Are most of the Thai wealthy people this callous and two faced, if they are they have a lot to learn. I hope the young children who watch these movies don’t think this is the way of life. I do enjoy your Heart to Heart column and if I am able to save a few baht I will send you champagne and chocolates.


Dear Ian,

I am very sorry to be so slow in replying but I have only just found your letter under a pile of other stuff, which is dated March 2014. Which explains why no champagne or chocolates! Your observation about the violence in Thai soaps is still valid today. However, you are a farang and shouldn’t be watching them anyway. They’re not made for you! The sweet and gentle image of saffron really does not show Thailand, but neither do the screaming soaps.