Shocking! Disgusting! Says who?


Dear Hillary,

Against my better judgment I came over to Thailand on holiday from the UK and I am shocked by what I see here, going on night and day.  I can (almost) put up with the rows of beer bars with young women trying to get people to sit down and drink.  I can put up with the fact there are gogo bars with women displaying their bodies as some sort of tourist attraction, but I cannot put up with the way old men walk around with young teenage Thai girls hanging on to their arm.  They all have such smug looks on their faces with a ‘Look at me, aren’t I clever’ expression.  Don’t they know, or doesn’t anybody tell them that they are just being taken for a ride?  They’re not clever.  They’re being stupid.  It’s disgusting.  I feel like going up and giving them a damn good kicking.

Derbyshire Dad

Dear Derbyshire Dad,

You amaze me, Petal.  I didn’t think the Old Prudes Society was still going.  It must be difficult to get enough members these days, but then I suppose with the pills that are available these days, trouble with the members isn’t like it used to be.

When you say, “They all have such smug looks on their faces with a ‘Look at me, aren’t I clever’ expression,” are you referring to the old men, or the “barely teenage” girls, Petal?  Honestly it’s about time you got off your sanctimonious soapbox, Derbyshire Dad and stopped being so judgmental.  Have you ever stopped to consider this – they are smiling because they have found themselves in a situation which is good for both of them.  The young girls have found a financial ‘sponsor’, whilst the old men have found themselves a gorgeous young companion who will take care of their every need (until the money runs out).  They know what the name of the game is, Petal.  So what is so wrong with it?  It is a win-win situation, so no need to be shocked.  Can the man down the pub get a deal like that back home in Derbyshire?  No, he’s more likely to get a “What dya think you’re lookin’ at?” kind of response.