Has his cake and eats it too?


Dear Hillary,

My boyfriend (who comes from Manchester like me) generally has a few drinks with the lads after work.  The other day he came home very late and very drunk.  He said the bar they use as their local bought him a birthday cake the other day, and the girls all made a big fuss of him.  Is this the usual thing around here, or have I got something to worry about?  I have no real reason to suspect him as it only happened the once, it’s more that I think I need reassurance.

Worried GF

Dear Worried GF,

You have nothing at all to worry about, unless he starts having birthdays every week.  The girls in the bar are happy to celebrate anybody’s birthday, especially if they get a drink and a slice of cake too.  That is the way things are done round here, so stop worrying immediately.  What you should do next year is arrange the party in the bar yourself, then you get some cake and drinkies as well.