Send a Spellcheck for Xmas!


Dear Hillary,

I have been visiting Pattaya regulary (sic) for the past 12 years and love the place.  Regretably (sic) the many financial crisises (sic) have deleted my funds and I can not afford to live in the palatial rooms I was accustomed to in your fair city. I was wondering if you have space in your penthouse for a respectable Aussie gentleman?  I can not pay much rent but am willing to provide any services you may require.

Yours hopefully

Dear Hopefully,

Don’t hold your breath, my Petal.  Don’t they teach English in Australia?  Your spellings seem to come from Ethiopia.  And “deleted your funds” or was that supposed to be “depleted your funds”?  Goodness me, Hillary is a lady of letters, and if we were sharing my penthouse I could see me all day correcting your English.  Now, why are your funds so low, after 12 years?  Have some of our ladies of the night helped you spend your fortune?  So you think you might come and spend mine – is that it?  I am also a little worried as you describe yourself as a “respectable Aussie gentleman.”  My friends who know these things tell me that the person you describe does not exist, but is a figment of an Aussie male’s dream.  You sound far too much of a risk for me, Platypus Petal.  Sorry, I must decline your kind offer of “services”, whatever they might (have) been.