Self confidence classes?


Hi Hillary,

I see guys in their 20s come here to have sex with local girls. I feel sorry for them, they lack self confidence and low self esteem. They pay for long flight, hotel and the girl price. That a lot of money for sex. When I was their age I had girls at my country coming out of my sleeves and never paid for sex. Poor guys.

Bar girls are smart they trying to have as many “boyfriends” as possible. They meet tourists who are here for short time pretend to fall in love, telling you every day “I lab you” the man fall in love and agree to send her about $300 a month till he come again next year for two weeks. She text him every day “I lab you”. The man paid $300 a month time 12 it’s bht 130,000 a year for two weeks sex-stupid. Some girls have few “boyfriends”. If two boyfriends coming same two weeks vacation, she will keep one and notify the other she will be with her parents in the mountains. There are too many suckers here.



Dear Goerge,

You have obviously not been listening properly to bar-girl English. It is “I lub you”, not “I lab you.” I am also worried about the fact that you put a financial value on all transactions, with “That a lot of money for sex” for example. Are you an accountant in a bank? These men that you are worried about, arriving here with no self-confidence and low self esteem seem to have gone back after two weeks, just brimming with it. The much maligned bar girl seems to have done a wonderful job with your emotional cripples, it would appear. The $300 per month is cheap for such powerful medicine, and the men are not complaining, it is only you Goerge, my Petal.