Leading to the laundry?


Dear Hillary,

Am on the trail of a “good girl”. You know, the kind of girl you are always bleating on about. Well, I started to have a chatting relationship with the local laundry lady. She made it obvious that she was interested in me, always made sure she served me and not one of the other staff members. Long story short, I was passing her shop one night and she was just leaving so I stopped and said perhaps she might like a meal, so she said yes and suggested a little local place just up the road. We spent some time there, and a few bottles of brown ale, and we ended up in bed together. She was wonderful in the sack and I thought at the time that you were right, Hillary, suggesting we look for the good girls. She left in the morning and even took the laundry.

However, when I went to the laundry a couple of days later she told me she was going to Bangkok for the weekend to visit her daughter and she had no money, could I give her 2,000 baht? It certainly wasn’t a loan! Like a sucker, I suppose, I opened my wallet and she had 2,000 baht in her fingers in no time, while rubbing my back.

A couple of weeks later, the same scene. She’d come over, spend the night and the next time I saw her in the laundry it was another 2,000 baht. The only difference between this “good” girl and ones from the bar is you know what is the going rate, and you pay then, not a few days down the road a bit.

So what do I do, Hillary? Continue on, but put her in the bar girl basket, or a pretend relationship as a “good” girl?



Dear Will,

The lesson here, is you get nothing for nothing! With your laundry lady you can go to restaurants and know people aren’t looking at the pair of you and saying “bar girl” under their breath. You were not to know she might like a financial contribution to help the relationship along. You never know, she might be amenable to a discount on the laundry, in exchange for the sleep-overs! We’ve all got to live, Will. Times are tough my Petal. Don’t be so judgmental.