Same, same, but different


Dear Hillary,

Re: The Seven-11 gang! (PM Friday, 08 February 2013) – A similar situation but different, my circle of buddies have Thai wives and long time girlfriends, as I do married 13 yrs.  I also have a lot of single friends who come for vacations and in the company of paid companions.  The wives and girlfriends make little effort to know the new addition as she may be changed at any time, so why put forth the effort.  Not a jealousy thing.  My wife is very secure in our relationship, doesn’t mind me speaking Thai with bar staff.  The ladies respect my distance, though I have told some “thong mi jap” (don’t touch) but usually for persistent vendors.  My wife has no problem with those she knows even kissing me on the cheek.  But with too much drink some buddies go way out line with bar staff to the point I find it disrespectful to the ladies who accompany them.  They pay that price with a few days of very well practiced silent treatment.  To add, I have reduced my circle of friends to eliminate associating with those who have behavior issues, but that is in addition to some other issues I find not in common with our lifestyle.  Just want to add, been follower of you for quite some time, you may remember some issues you helped with me.


Dear Dell

I commend your behavior in the local bars.  I believe in treating ladies with respect (especially ones of my age)!  I see you are au fait with the “well practiced silent treatment” which I like to call “The Asian Wall of Silence”, which is a very powerful weapon when used the right way.