Missing the money


Dear Hillary,

My wife has started cheating on the grocery bills and I am sure she has started to sneak the odd thousand baht from my billfold when I am asleep.  I also note that she seems to have less jewelry than before, and when I have asked her where her gold necklace is she gets very defensive and says she is having it cleaned.  I am sure she is not having an affair, as she is always home at nights with me, so what can I do to check?  Where is the money going? Do you think it might be gambling?

Wally wallet.

Dear Wally,

There’s not much else, is there?  It usually comes down to gambling or drugs or both.  How is her mood?  If she is jumpy and irritable and has no appetite, then I would be thinking about drugs, especially ya ba.  You say she’s home with you at nights, but where does she go during the daytimes?  Does she frequent the bars, as that is where gambling and drugs are in plentiful (but expensive) supply.  You may have to mark some bills in your wallet and see if they end up in hers.