Salaries again


Dear Hillary,

Regards the chap Brian who pays his GF a 30,000 baht salary each month – Brian your first step should be to cut your GF salary by a lot and ask her to get a decent job.  Two months ago I did the same just gave 6000 baht.  Now I cut it to nothing.  She is now forced to work at the farm for 200 baht a day to survive.  Maybe now she appreciates the money better again, or might turn up working in a bar.  Whatever I fed up with this prima donnas.


Dear Vern,

I think you have to rethink what you want out of a GF.  If it is someone to share your life with, that is a lot different from someone you just share your bed with.  You do not seem to have much affection for your GF, so I think it is better for both you and her to go your separate ways.  You have to learn about commitment first, and you haven’t any.