Cost of Living


One respondent asked last week about the cost of living in Pattaya, and this brought out many replies from the readers.  Mark wrote, Welcome to Pattaya.  I live over the “Dark side”, this is where most long timers live.  You will get a two bed bungalow for around 15,000 per month, water, electric, call it 3000 and 2000 day/night walking around money.  Why not have a look in the “Luckytimebar” on Soi Nernplabwan, good people, they may be able to help, good luck.

Phoenix wrote, I agree with Ms. Hillary’s opinion.  For a decent life, including restaurants, venues, cigarettes, funny (but not too much), if you own the condo, month expense can be around 50/60,000 baht. Of course it depends what you want to do, can be much more.

Don chipped in with, Bah! and more Bah! I have a live in, reside in a high rise condo, am not dumb enough to pay outrageous wine prices (400 % tax), eat in good, clean, reasonably priced restaurants, and home a lot, use common sense in shopping and have change left over from 50,000 a month.  The good Doctor and Hilarious have expensive tastes!

While jcb said, 100,000 can live nicely for much less than that!  However, if you are a ponce and want to show off and do unnecessary things then maybe you need more.  10K per month for a room and no more than 1K each month for food and a couple of beers.  What else do you want?

Dear Mark, Phoenix, Don and jcb,

Thank you for your ideas and experience.  Of course Thai people can live very much more cheaply than you Farangs, but how much you spend really does depend on your own idea of lifestyle.  I might have expensive tastes (Veuve Clicquot is just getting outrageously expensive these days!) but if you are happy with a 50K lifestyle, then keep going with the Chang outside the 7-11.  As long as you are all happy, my Petals!

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