Raise the hemlines!


Dear Hillary,

Are the Thai girl’s legs getting longer, or are the skirts getting shorter?  Every day I keep on seeing these gorgeous honeys with hems than barely cover their bottoms (I changed the word you used, Petal, to one that isn’t rude – this is a family newspaper).  Do these girls realize just how much of a turn-on this is?  Or do they just blindly follow fashion?  All my mates at the ogling bar agree with me, but want to know your take on it all.


Dear Franklin,

There was a study done many years ago where they measured skirt length and compared it to the financial situation in that country.  As the country’s finances improved, the hems went down.  When the finances went down, the skirt hems went up.  Applying that to today, and I agree that hemlines are very short (other than mine, of course, as I wear mine to ankle level), that means we are not as healthy financially as we were told.  With the political party in power wanting to borrow two trillion baht, we would seem to be in for a bumper year for short hems and longer legs.  I don’t think your friends from the bars will be complaining.