Amazing bargains in the bars!


Dear Hillary,

Are there really that many dipsticks out there that still think the ladies from the bar are honest and truthful, with “I lub you too mut” muttered in the ear while massaging the leg (any leg, Hillary).  Surely, after all this time, and all your advice, they must accept that bar girls are fun “short time” experiences, and not a massive marrying market (with some at bargain prices – for the deposit).  Is this some sort of brain deficiency that becomes obvious in beer bars?  It seems to be all farangs, not just the English speaking ones.


Dear Jonah,

Yes, it is a deficiency, which is supposed to be brought on by not enough warmth and affection from their own ladies in their farang countries, I am told.  Thai ladies are small, fun-loving and from the bars, uninhibited.  That is until that small Thai fun-loving lady manages to get hold of the ATM card with its pin number (which is the same as getting the whole ATM, wallet and all) and certain restrictions are then applied!  Different beer bars every night will become past memories, while the small fun-lover really ties the farang down, who then writes to me to tell me of their woes, and how did this happen?

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