Plastic cutlery


Dear Hillary,

I eat out often and notice that when Thais eat they always leave food on their plates and half drank(?) drinks.  Is this a cultural thing?  Many cultures think it is bad to waste food and of course there are ‘doggie bags’, but not here.  I also wonder why McDs gives you a knife and fork for a hamburger/fries meal.


Dear Jerry,

You are the little gourmet, aren’t you, my Petal, but where is that you go to eat?  No doggie bags?  You even get doggy bags from the “restaurant” on wheels at the side of the road.  You are correct when you suggest that leaving food on the plate is a cultural thing.  If you clean the plate, this is thought of as there was not enough food given or ordered, or not nice tasting (mai aroy).  So just leave a little, that’s all that is necessary and your hosts will always be happy.  Now, your McD’s problem – you are farang, so you eat with knife and fork.  We Thai eat with spoon and fork.  If you want a spoon, get your girlfriend to order it!

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