Chocolate coins


Dear Hillary,

When I go out to the bars, I often take chocolate with me to give the girls.  It’s a popular “gift”, as many are hungry and most but not all love chocolate.  The chocolate comes in 2 main “shapes” – colorful heart shaped chocolate and chocolate shaped into gold coins.  I don’t hand it out, but instead open the bag and let them choose whatever chocolate they want.  Inevitably, when I get home, I have a bunch of heart shaped chocolate left over, but not one single gold shaped coin chocolate.  It probably means nothing … then again, maybe it does!

Count Chocula

Dear Count Chocula,

Let me be the first to congratulate you on this amazing scientific discovery!  If this happens every time you go out with your chocolate bag of goodies, then we can safely say that wrapped chocolates are more preferred than unwrapped ones.  This can be explained by the fact that when you are sitting around with only a g-string on, unwrapped chocolates melt and leave nasty runs in the lower regions, but wrapped chocolates can be slipped into the bikini without fear.  Of course, there will be those who try to put some significance into the shape of the chocolates (heart versus money), but I am sure that our bar girls can tell the difference between gold foil and 10 baht coins.  Could I suggest Count Chocula, that you try the experiment again with wrapped heart shaped ones and unwrapped 100 baht chocolate bills, and I do realize that you only go to the bars for research purposes.