Pete discovers No Parking


Dear Hillary,

I parked a rental car in Second Road the other day, and as they say in Wales, “When I came back, there it was, gone!”  I went to the rental company as I thought it must have been stolen, but they rang around and it was then I found that the people who had “stolen” the car were the police themselves.  Apparently I had parked in a no parking area, so they towed my car away.  Now here’s the part that I am most annoyed about – it cost 800 baht to get it back and the rental company insisted that I pay it.  Since they hadn’t warned me about this parking problem, I believe they had not shown due diligence, so they should have been responsible for the fine and not me.  What do you think, Hillary?

Peter Parker

Dear Peter Parker,

You’ve been watching too many detective shows on TV, Petal.  When you rent a car in Thailand, you are responsible for it while it is in your possession.  What did you want the rental company to do?  Employ a minder for you?  Sorry, next time be more careful, and chalk it up to experience.  Ignorance of the laws is not accepted as a valid excuse in any country.