Double trouble


Dear Hillary,

Most of your writers seem to have a problem with one girl.  Mine’s different.  I’ve got a two girl problem.  The office building where I work has women everywhere.  Ten floors of gorgeous babes, but the best two are right on my floor, but they work in the same company and in the same office.  I chat to them both and I have suggested to them (singly) that we could go out one night and go to a disco or something.  Both of them seemed quite happy at this, but here’s the problem.  If I take the first one out the other will know, or vice versa.  I like them both.  They are gorgeous, can speak English and each of them is my ideal GF.  But how do I find out which one is really mine?


Dear Julian,

I don’t think I’ve ever met an easier problem to solve, Petal.  Take them both out at the same time.  Thai girls will not want to go out on their own for first dates anyway (unless you are working in a go-go bar), so you just invite them both, and tell them that you are inviting the other as well, and over the course of the evening you’ll soon know which one suits you best.  There is one other problem that you have overlooked in your whirlwind desire, and that is – will you suit them best?  I hope you are not disappointed.