Pattaya – the restaurant paradise!


Dear Hillary,

We are coming over your way again, after ten years away from Thailand.  We have kept up to date of the happenings in Pattaya by reading the Pattaya Mail on line, and we always read your column first, Petal!  I feel that there must have been many new restaurants in that time, so I was wondering if you could recommend a few we should try?  We (my husband and I) would be very happy to host a dinner for you during our month’s holiday.


Dear Agnes,

Aren’t you just the nicest people, remembering that Hillary might like the odd something substantial to eat between the Belgian chocolates and the French champagne!  However, I am not the one to advise, but Miss Terry Diner, is the one to speak to.  Just click on the Dining Out column and you will get the latest review, but at the end of that one you will get all the reviews for the past few months.  Take your time, make a list and enjoy!