Passport ponderings


Dear Hillary,

Will any children of mine born here be Thai or American?  My GF is Thai and she’s saying any kids we have will have to be Thai, not American (like me).  I don’t like this too much, as I’m proud to be an American.  This is developing into quite an argument, so much so that I’m on the point of walking out.  It is all so stupid, but she’s really got the knickers in a twist over this one.  Can you give me the answer, so that I can show her that she is wrong?


Dear Rob,

What am I now?  The American Embassy or something?  You can easily find the answer by going to the US Embassy web site, Petal, but as far as I know, any child born here is automatically a Thai, but if you were born in the America, I believe you can apply for American citizenship for any legitimate child of yours.  This means they can have dual citizenship, but the child has to make up his or her mind by the time they are 18 and go for one or the other.

However, I think this is all a bit premature.  You are talking about children that are not even born yet, so you are at least 9 months in front of yourself.  You want me to tell your Thai GF, who is refusing to budge that she is wrong, when I believe she is correct anyway Rob.  So anything I write does not help your cause or allow you to stick the Pattaya Mail under her nose and say she is wrong.  It does look to me that you should be seriously looking at your relationship, before even contemplating having children.  Take your American passport, Rob, and run!  Neither you nor the GF is ready for parenthood.  Sorry.