My Belgian boyfriend?


Dear Hillary,

I will be going home to Belgium for a couple of weeks later on this month (Brussels is my home town), and knowing your love of Belgian chocolates I will bring some back for you.  You have never been specific, but is there any particular brand that you like?  Soft centers?  Milk chocolate?  Dark chocolate?  Let me know, and they’re yours, as my thank you for some great fun-filled Fridays.


Dear Charles,

My very, very, very dear Charles (but you’re not the Prince of Wales are you, by any chance?) there’s lots of great chocolate makers in Belgium as you very obviously would know, coming from Brussels, but if you really want to spoil a girl, how about Pierre Marcolini who is known world-wide as a premier artisan chocolatier in Brussels.  You will find it difficult to get his chocolates outside of Brussels which also makes it special, but you will be right there.  Ooh!  I can’t wait.  Hurry back soon, Charles.  By the way, if you’re feeling expansive, you can get Veuve Clicquot (vintage, darling, vintage) at the Brussels Duty Free too, if you really want to spoil me.