Pass the Pla Ra


Dear Hillary,

Regarding George’s complaints about his Issan GF and her friends.  But seriously George presuming that you are a veteran of having “in-laws” there is nothing here out of the ordinary.  In America I was well acquainted with a fellow who would cringe when his wife’s family visited because they would prepare Southwestern food that burned his nostrils.  Similarly here I know a fellow who insists that his Issan lover eat the foods he loves on the balcony of the condo for the smell.


Dear Robert,

I think George does complain a little too much.  A group of farangs in a pub act just the same way as the Issan girls sitting on the floor.  However, I do know that most farangs object to the smell of ‘Pla Ra’ and insist it be left outside, or on the balcony!

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