Not so smart phones


Dear Hillary,

A couple of weeks back, a writer called Jackson tried to show what happens with Thai girls’ fascination with ‘selfies’, but evidently you have spent only a limited amount of time with the “contemporary” fairer sex of teen age and early 20’s women in your own country.  I assure you the similarities are overwhelming as IQ points drop.  If you have qualification to be a university instructor or interest in attending college here in the English language I can assure you that you will and can find young people filled with serious purpose and much less interest in their physical appearance.  This leads to two questions: Would you attend an English language university?  Would you pay attention to a woman who paid less attention to her physical beauty?  Your answers say as much about you as you imply about silly flirty girls with smart phones.


Dear Jim,

An interesting comparison, but one that cannot really be debated, as none of us have the knowledge about the ‘selfies’ in your home country.  I must also rise to defend the Thai ladies – looking after their physical selves is important, and the same goes for about any country in the western world.  You’ll have to excuse me now as I have ordered my normal bath in asses milk to be drawn, and I don’t want to let it get cold…

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