Out with friends?


Dear Hillary,

My Wife (Thai) has started to come home later and later, and very much under the weather.  She says she goes out with her friends from the college she attends, but I am starting to doubt some of her tales.  There’s a limit to the number of times you can go drinking in a karaoke bar, surely.  She has been going out at least three times a week.  How to I find out just what she’s up to?


Dear Richard,

There is a serious breakdown in trust between you, isn’t there?  With situations like this, you must sit down with your wife and discuss it thoroughly.  If you cannot come to some sort of compromise, then you should take some steps to really find out what is going on (or down).  But just remember “seek and ye shall find” may give you the answers – but they may be answers that you didn’t want to hear.  Discussion is by far the better way, Petal.