Feather dusters to the rescue!


Dear Hillary,

For once you’re not going to get a tale of woe full of sick buffalos, brothers with broken legs and land about to be taken by loan sharks.  Mine is a simple tale of being taken by two Thai women (from the bars) and finally waking up to myself and went looking for some woman who wasn’t out to empty my bank account.  I didn’t have to look far, as the cleaning lady at work turned out to be a very sensible and hard working woman, who was willing to listen to my problems.  That was three years ago, and we have been constant companions since then.  There are good ones out there, Hillary, sometimes right under your nose!


Dear John,

I am so glad the cleaner didn’t take you to the cleaners, such as happened to you before, Petal.  However, you are not the first, nor the last, to fall for a pretty face and the ability to sit beside you and massage your leg (any one will do, use your imagination) and squirm a lot!  Just be careful you lady doesn’t start needing more feather dusters to send to her mother up-country.