My messages never get read?


Dear Hillary,

My GF went up country to do a course in hair dressing, for the first week we exchanged messages every day. The second week she replied to half of mine. Now the third week and I hear nothing personal, but loads of photos of her and the class mates in FB. Is this usual, Hillary? Or what should I make of it?



Dear Red,

What a lovely name you have. Love it! Now then my Petal, time for you to look at the realities of the situation. The fire went out of the relationship at the end of the first week of separation. You have been living on hope, but that emotion is not being returned, is it? If she has the time to post photos, there was time to drop you a note as well. Time to move on, Red. There’s plenty of fish in the ocean, as they say. Forget about your snapper and get a “Dolly” fish instead.