Inexpensive hobbies


Dear Hillary,

Times are tough for us expat pensioners from the UK. With pensions frozen at the 2010 level for me and the backside falling out of the pound, my purchasing power is going down with it. I’m not quite at the level of drinking from a stale bottle of beer outside the 7-Eleven at 10 in the morning. I need to do something, but even playing pool in the pub means buying beers. And as for the ladies – way out of my price range these days. Any suggestions?



Dear Harve,

I do feel for you, my Petal. It’s not a nice feeling, that’s for sure. You have to look at things to do that don’t involve money. Some ideas include photography, bicycle riding, chess, painting, jewelry design, wood carving, gardening, and orchid growing. There’s more, but you have to see what you like. All the best of British luck!