Gimme tip, mister


Dear Hillary,

There’s a bar just up the road from me, so it’s the place I use as my local watering hole. I generally buy drinks for the dollies, but if they ask the usual “Buy me cola” I give them the swerve. I don’t mind buying anyone a drink if they are sitting with me and looking after me, but not with the constant hand out. That was a long introduction for my question, what’s a reasonable tip these days? 5 percent, 10 percent, 20 percent?



Dear Lester,

Tipping is always up to the customer, and a lot depends on what you have bought. With times being tough, for both buyer and seller, I suggest round about five percent. For bar tabs at the end of the night, leave the change if it is not too much (one 20 baht note and some coins). Tipping used to be for service above what you expect, but these days it’s just to help boost poor salaries.

P.S. I just checked my tip box, and as usual, it’s empty!