How to stay married to a Thai woman


Hi Hillary,

Keep up the good work, Hills Old Girl.  For those of us not lucky enough to be in Thailand all the time we certainly appreciate the Thai sunshine you bring to us.

Being married to a Thai and working off-shore, there’s a lot of trust involved in the relationship, so I hope you won’t mind a Farang / Thai marriage success story.  For the doubters out there – yes, there are very many others who share in the wonderful experience of being married to a Thai woman.  My advice is the same as for any other prospective long term union irrespective of nationality – “remember to engage the brain before slapping the gear stick into top and then pressing the turbo button.”  Yes, there are many differences in culture to overcome and the rules are not quite the same, “face” was certainly a new concept for me to understand!  But a good Thai woman with some education and a sensible and flexible farang man who can listen and try to understand can match just perfectly.  Even though we say that only a fool and his money are soon parted, but parting with a little bit here there occasionally to help the family is expected and is not so bad, is it?  And it keeps the union going.


Dear James Old Boy,

I do try to give both sides of relationships, but those hundreds of happy couples don’t need to write in for my valued advice, do they.  I agree that it does take some give and take on the part of the foreigner, but the Thai woman must also understand that there may be two ways of looking at things.  I have found this has worked for me – there are always two sides to any argument, mine and the wrong one!  By the way, a little less of the “Old girl.”  Thank you, Petal!