An embarrassing situation


Dear Hillary,

I am in my 50’s and spend around six months of the year here in Thailand, where I have my wife and an 11 year old boy, our son.  I find it very distressing when my son and I go somewhere to hear cat-calls from the yobs in the bars, suggesting in not a nice way, that I am some sort of a pedophile, and my son is selling sex.  This makes it that we do not want to go out to public places any more.

Have you or your readers any suggestions?

Troubled Dad

Dear Troubled Dad,

Unfortunately prejudice is always with us, and is certainly more prevalent in the bar areas.  There is not much you can do, other than stay away from those neighborhoods.  When your son is a bit older you won’t get so many ‘smart’ comments, as these people are cowards when they come face to face with the people they are jeering at.  Don’t take it personally, but rise above their gutter level.