How to get the money back


Dear Hillary,

I’ve ignored all your good advice and now realize I have been well and truly suckered in.  OK, so I’ve lost a cheap house up in the jungle (I didn’t want to stay there anyhow) and a car in her name down here, but is there any way I can get the money (or at least some of it) back?  We’re not looking at big money, probably a million all up, but I’d rather it be in my bank account, rather than hers.  Any suggestions?


Dear Rodney,

The first suggestion is to listen to my advice next time and not ignore it.  You know the dangers now, don’t you, Petal.  And there will be a ‘next time’, there always is.  As you say, everything is in her name, not yours, so you would have to rely on her generosity if she wants to give you anything, and that’s probably not likely.  No, chalk it up to experience, and look at ways of safeguarding your investments over here.  Talk to reliable real estate people.  Amazingly, there are some, who can show you how to protect any real estate property.  The same goes for big ticket items like cars.  Don’t rush in, Rodney, where angels fear to tread.

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