Hillary on telly?


Dear Hillary,

Oh Hillary, keep up the good work. Your column is… hilarious. The common theme we all enjoy is that of the lonely social pariah, unwashed, flatulent dimwit, who’s studiously avoided women for his 55 years since Mom kicked him out, suddenly retires to Thailand, and expects to “find a good wife” in the dark recesses of Walking Street, despite reading through the plethora of warnings from those who’ve been there before and lost. Then, after being cleaned out, kicked to the curb, he writes you, begging forgiveness for his ignorance. It’s too funny… comedy gold.


Dear JW,

Ah, Gold! I had never thought of that before – sell the column to the directors of the Thai soaps on TV. The main players are all the same – the “good girl” who is ignored, while the “bad girl” takes the money from the innocent sap. But you know the ending. Sap discovers the wicked one and her schemes and finds the “good girl” was patiently waiting. All a bit Cinderella-like without the glass slippers. For the annual meeting of heartbroken souls, I must remember to roll up in a pumpkin. Thank you for the great idea!