Entry fees


All over the world, drivers have to pay entry fees to entertain the public. For picnic meetings such as our races at the Bira Circuit in the Retro Escort, you are looking at around 10 thousand baht. However, if you are racing in Formula 1, you pay a bit more. Here are the entry fees for the current teams:

Mercedes – $4,653,720

Ferrari – $3,210,170

Red Bull – $2,415,376

Force India – $1,481,235

Williams – $944,491

Renault – $810,305

Toro Rosso – $789,661

Haas – $758,695

McLaren – $670,958

Sauber – $541,933

As you can see, the more successful you are, the more it is going to cost you to compete. A system only liked by the promoters of the meetings. $13 million as a rough total is not to be sneered at.

Of course, you do get flash pits and space for your multi-car transporter, but sorry, you have to cater for yourselves.